Founded in 2005, the San Bruno Education Foundation (SBEF) is committed to helping children receive a great education.

Our mission is to promote and support education in preschool through grade eight schools in San Bruno. The Foundation is a conduit providing resources to meet the educational needs of children in San Bruno schools. Our goal is to receive, raise, and distribute money for the improvements of San Bruno Schools.

SBEF is a 100% volunteer run organization. All donations directly benefit San Bruno Schools. All donations are tax deductible.

Our Board

Scott Curtner
Scott is an IT Audit Leader for Wells Fargo and also manages rental investments in California, Colorado, and Arizona. His goal is to increase opportunities for all children in the San Bruno Park School District, almost 50% of whom are in low-income families. He and his wife have two children in the San Bruno Park School District.
Bryan Vander Lugt
Vice President
Bryan is a research scientist and project manager at Amgen. He served as a naval officer before earning his Ph.D. from Harvard University. He believes in equitable access to a well-resourced education as a means to unlock the potential of our community's children. He and his wife have two children in the San Bruno Park School District.
Renee Callantine
Treasurer & Chief Financial Officer
Renee is an attorney with a civil litigation practice emphasizing insurance coverage disputes and serves as an substitute teacher in San Bruno elementary schools. She oversees fundraising and the funding of projects in her role as Treasurer & CFO for the San Bruno Education Foundation. She and her husband have two children in the San Bruno Park School District.
Steven Rose
Steven has worked as a software engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly 20 years and is currently at Google. He is passionate about bringing an excellent STEM education to groups that are traditionally underrepresented in these subjects. He lives in San Bruno with his wife, mom, and daughter.
Paul Linden
Board Member
Paul was raised in a low-income family in Ireland. A strong education allowed him to earn a Ph.D. and gave him the opportunity to work as a professional software engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area. His goal is to ensure that all students are given the same opportunities in science, engineering, music, and art. He and his wife have lived in San Bruno for thirteen years and have two daughters in the San Bruno Park School District.
Jill Engel
Board Member
Jill is a San Bruno native with deep roots in this community with two children currently in San Bruno schools. She has a degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology from California State University, Chico, and a certificate in Human Resource Management from San Francisco State. Jill is passionate about bringing the best education possible to all of San Bruno’s kids.

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