Frequently Asked Questions

What is SBEF's mission?

The mission of the San Bruno Education Foundation is to receive, raise and distribute money for the improvement of San Bruno schools from preschool through grade eight.

How long has SBEF existed?

Since 2005, we have been striving to make a difference in the San Bruno community. We want all children to learn and achieve despite the pitfalls of the California budget. We have made strides in providing changes, large and small, that have enhanced our children's education. To name a few successes, we have supplemented to all the local school based on grant requests.

What are SBEF's most significant accomplishments?

  • Organized CS First in partnership with Google (2015 Coding Club video)
  • Organized visit to YouTube for Parkside students
  • Provided grants to individual schools for program support
  • Organized beautification events on school campuses with volunteers from local businesses
  • Promoted and funded the summer Reading Counts program to encourage reading and develop essential comprehension skills
  • Supplemented the P.E. and music program at John Muir and Rollingwood
  • Purchased new cellos for Parkside's music department
  • Supported the Toones' program at Allen
  • iPads for the special need educators at Belle Air
  • Augmented the literature programs at Crestmoor
  • Provided Arts in Action program at all San Bruno public elementary schools
  • Funded 2 document cameras and current library media for Portola school

Your tax-deductible donation to the San Bruno Education Foundation will continue to help supplement our students' education in the arts, technology, and health-related programs in our school community. Our long term goal is help establish the SBEF Endowment Fund as a continuing source of funds for San Bruno schools.

Why does the SBEF need to raise money?

Despite the cutbacks in California and at the local level in San Bruno, we are optimistic and continue to provide supplemental resources for our school. To stay current in this 21st century, we need your financial help. Our students need your assistance.

How does the SBEF raise money?

We primarily rely on straight donations. Periodically we have raffles at local school's events and/or San Bruno city events, such as the Flea Markets and celebrating the spring event "The Day of the Child."

We are also looking toward business, corporate and civic sponsors willing to lend support to the SBEF. If you and your organization are willing to host or co-sponsor an event with us.

In addition to these, we are always looking for ways to cultivate side streams of revenue in order to support our cause. For example, any revenue share we make from the ads on these pages helps support our cause.