We're excited to kick off our annual Fall Fundraiser in support of the 2017–18 school year!

The San Bruno Education Foundation has always been a strong supporter of music programs in our school district. This year, thanks to generous support from the San Bruno Community Foundation, we have expanded our plans in collaboration with the Capuchino High School Alumni Association in order to make music education available to every San Bruno public school student.

While music will continue to be an area of focus for us this year and going forward, we plan to continue promoting healthy student relationships, fostering engagement with STEM, and contributing anywhere else we can have an impact.

Join us by sending in your donation today! Donate online by clicking the "DONATE NOW" button on our Donate page. If you prefer to give another way, scroll further down that page for other options. (You may have already received our flier in the mail.)

On behalf of everyone in San Bruno making a better life for our kids, thank you for your support!