Recently, the San Bruno Education Foundation welcomed two new members to our Board of Directors, Jill Engel and Bryan Vander Lugt.

Jill and Bryan began volunteering their time with SBEF last year, making key contributions to our music programs and offering input as a citizen guests at our board meetings. We are thrilled they have each decided to take on an official role with our organization.

Jill is a San Bruno native with deep roots in the community. She currently has one child in the San Bruno Park School District and another at Capuchino High. She is passionate about bringing the best education possible to all the kids of San Bruno.

Bryan is a research scientist and Harvard Ph.D. He will spearhead a collaborative effort with the Capuchino Alumni Association to build an integrated K-12 music education program, an initiative made possible by a generous grant from the San Bruno Community Foundation. Reflecting Bryan’s role in this undertaking, he is stepping into the position of Vice President.

Our previous Vice President, Steven Rose, has been doing double duty as Vice President and Acting Secretary since the Secretary role was left vacant several months ago. Bryan’s election to the office of Vice President has allowed Steve to officially assume the role of Secretary with our organization.

If you see Jill or Bryan around town, please join us in congratulating and welcoming them to our board!